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A Narrative of Love: Lene Rachel Andersen about The Nordic Secret in dialogue with Dr. Scherto Gill

“A Narrative of Love” is a series of conversations with thought leaders and spiritual teachers about how love can be integrated into our everyday lives, politics, and education.
It is created in preparation for the 5th Spirit of Humanity Forum which will be held 3-5 June 2021 on the theme “Towards a Loving World – Leadership and Governance for Well-being”

In this conversation Dr. Scherto Gill talks with Lene Rachel Andersen, author, economist, futurist and philosopher about the Nordic model of education, the Folk High School approach, and how it had played a significant part in transforming countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and to some extent also Finland. This is the background to the book ‘The Nordic Secret’ which she co-authored with Tomas Björkman.

Listen to these honest, insightful and real conversations with prominent leaders from different fields sharing from their own experience.