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Theresa Chuang and Chris Zheng, on love as harmony, our relationship with nature, love in agriculture and loving the nature from Chinese perspective.

Co-Founders and Directors of Farm Sincera, a project that aspires to bring sustainability to eco-tourism and agriculture development in China. They develop and operate their own organic agri-tourism farms. eco-BnBs, and eco-tourism and help others who share the same vision achieve their dreams! They work with several internationally renowned partners in this sector and bring in their brand, expertise in design, planning and operations to projects in China.

“The western world displays a lot of love amongst individuals and families, while in Chinese culture love is expressed more subtle and discreet. It is about harmony, love for society and love for all. I The western societies can learn from China and China can learn from western societies.”

“Love is really about taking care of each other, being there for each other.”

“By loving the land, we can inculcate a more loving family, building stronger relationships with people.”