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Wednesday Wisdom

Core human values or spirituality in practice

When we say core human values, we think of the fundamental, positive, human qualities that all humanity has in common, at our core, and are therefore universal. Qualities that we are all drawn to, that give meaning to our life and our relationships. Love, care, loyalty, honesty, courage, fairness, kindness, wisdom etc. become qualities we want to protect, encourage and live by. Their power lies in being universal and limitless, unconfined by cultural traditions or belief systems. Universal and all-embracing means spiritual, like a thread that runs through all living beings; a connectedness that requires no introduction.

What does core human values or spirituality look like in practice? How can spiritual principles guide and help us in our daily life?

Wednesday Wisdom – Faithful: Spirituality in Practise

n our 'Wedensday Wisdom' series, this week we look at 'spirituality in practise'. "NLoyal and true to my word, I am steadfast in seeing things through. There is great solidity at the core of my being for I am dedicated to self-transformation."

Wednesday Wisdom – The fruit of PATIENCE is very sweet

In our 'Wedensday Wisdom' series, this week we look at 'the fruit of patience is very sweet'. "Not interfering, controlling or trying to use force, but humbly aligning with the laws of nature, the laws of harmony and then nature serves me."

Wednesday Wisdom – Happiness of my heart

In our 'Wedensday Wisdom' series, this week we look at the 'happiness of my heart'. "True happiness in my heart gives a subtle support to everyone in my connection automatically. Simply giving by being."

Wednesday Wisdom – Overcoming Worry

In our 'Wedensday Wisdom' series, this week we look at overcoming worry. "Worry comes from a position of insecurity and fear. When I feel threatened and begin to worry, my mind starts to create horror scenarios and produce a lot of thoughts at a high speed."