Overcoming Worry

Overcoming worry

Worry comes from a position of insecurity and fear. When I feel threatened and begin to worry, my mind starts to create horror scenarios and produce a lot of thoughts at a high speed. This in an attempt to be ahead of events, gain control and find solutions or ways to protect myself and/or others. But it does not really work. Why?

Worry produces a storm of negative thoughts which waste my energy, blur my mind and make me weak. My power to discern diminishes when I worry and the high speed of thoughts is like driving a car too fast, I have very little control. One misjudgement and there is an accident. I am an easy prey for imagination, misunderstanding, hasty conclusion, often followed by accusations and blame. But no solution.

Spiritual principles for overcoming worry:

  1. Realise: Worrying is a habit. Habits can be changed, but it takes time, so I need determination, patience and friendliness towards myself.
  2. Accept: I am not in control of external situations. Remove any burden by mentally giving the situation to God, the Universe, Life or whatever I choose to call a power greater than myself.
  3. Remember: Peace is my innermost quality. Talk myself into claiming the experience: “I am a peaceful being, calm is my deepest property.”
  4. Detach yourself: See the situation as part of a drama where everyone involved plays their part, perfectly, according to script.
  5. Trust: Pure thoughts of good wishes contain a lot of spiritual power, have a harmonising effect, and put me in a position of strength and generosity.

I move from a position of fear and weakness into a position of positive inner power from where I can contribute, even if all I can do sometimes is have good wishes.

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