Dear guests of this year‘s Spirit of Humanity Forum,

On Wednesday evening before the official programme start we would like to invite you to join our online reception. Since we will not have the opportunity to get together in person, we have decided to offer a space for self-organized conversations and informal get-together.

On the platform you will have the chance to get to know a few other participants of the forum and get an overview on everyone who is joining us. The evening reception will give space for self-organized conversations and also facilitate a few short exercises to allow you to connect with a few other people. The little “agenda” for the evening is:

  • 18:00 GMT – arriving, getting to know the tool and starting first conversations
  • 18:15 GMT – facilitated constellations and conversations
  • 18:45 GMT – open space for free self-organized conversations (open end)

For those of you who are not yet familiar with we would like to share some brief information in advance to make it easier for you to navigate in the space:

  • Handling:

    On you will we represented by a small icon with your photograph. By clicking with your mouse into the space you can move your avatar around. As soon as the avatars of two people overlap, they will form a conversation circle. This way you are free to engage in conversation with whoever you meet, just as it would be the case in our usual evening reception. It usually takes a moment to get used to it but it is also fun to explore.
    At the top left corner there is an icon with two arrows allowing you to switch the view between seeing the entire space or only seeing your current circle.

  • Netiquette

    Please note that is optimal for small group conversations. While it is technically possible to form circles with up to 12 people you will see that it is most convenient to limit the size of each self-organized circle to ideally 3-6 people. Therefore, on it is not only accepted but actually encouraged to enter and leave circles silently and move around between conversations.
    If you happen to be in deep personal conversation, you can also mark your circle as private such that others cannot join. A little icon in the top right corner allows you to lock and re-open your circle.

Please note that does not support mobile phones and iPads/tabelets. Please enter the welcome reception though your computer or laptop. 

After Wednesday, the SoH space will be open 24/7 during the conference (using the same link). So, whenever you just feel like meeting somebody for a spontaneous conversation, just check out whether someone else is in the space who would like to talk…

And lastly: Since, we obviously cannot serve you the delicious food and drinks from Iceland, we invite you to “bring along” your own food and drinks. Let’s try to imitate our evening reception as best as we can.

We look forward to meeting you

On behalf of the hosting team
Johanna, Lotta and Thomas