Leading from Within

– exploring the power of authenticity in leadership

The Spirit of Humanity Forum’s initiative ’Leading from Within’, for young leaders and changemakers, started in Iceland in preparation for the Spirit of Humanity Forum in 2019.

Youth 0
Small groups of young leaders meet regularly with the aim of exploring and applying practical spirituality in daily life. A pre-event for young leaders and potential changemakers was then held on the theme ‘Being true to yourself – exploring authenticity in leadership’. It was facilitated by Mark Milton, Anna Steinsen and a group of young Icelandic women leaders. The aim was to bring together like-minded young people who want to make a difference in their own life and in the world through self-transformation. The seminar provided practical tools for self-growth and consisted of talks, reflective activities, group sharing and guided meditation. Thirty young people participated in a very powerful and inspiring atmosphere. Some deep reflection and conversations, as well as a light approach, made the event very meaningful to many.
Some of the participants expressed afterwards how enriching the event had been and found it very encouraging to meet with other young likeminded people to explore deep aspects of selftransformation. Many were also touched by the sense of unity that was created within the group, which allowed participants to express themselves very openly and honestly. There was a lot of interest in continuing this exploration and a follow-up plan has now been made with the aim of creating small groups of spiritual practitioners who can become examples of how to ‘lead from within’. 
The number of those who have participated is growing and the plan is to have follow-up workshops every month to support the young people in becoming the changemakers they would like to be. We would like to expand this work with youth to the regional Forums.