Transformative experiences for a world in transition

24-27 October 2018 Villa La Angostura, Patagonia, Argentina

Spirit of Humanity, Patagonia, October 2018

The first regional replica of the three day International Forum held in Iceland since 2012, was organised in Villa Angostura, by a small very courageous team of participants from Argentina, an initiative taken on the day the 3rd Forum on Iceland concluded. Here are some lovely and powerful videos from the Patagonia Forum. Enjoy!

Spirit of Humanity - Patagonia 2018

SoH Forum, Patagonia - from panel “Social intelligence in action: transformative experiences”

SoH Forum Patagonia 2018 - Panellist Maximiliana Aubi, Founder of Casa Angelman

SoH Forum, Patagonia - Panellist Paula Molinari

SoH Forum, Patagonia 2018 - Panellist Rene Calpanchay

SoH Forum, Patagonia 2018, young local participant Marcos Ledesma

Business and Spirituality - Enrique Símo & Javier Casas Rua