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The Three Pillars

Silence, listening and dialogue are three practices on which we build all our events

The Forum is using silent reflection, deep listening and dialogue to provide an opportunity for leaders and change-makers who are driven by core human values to learn from each other in a safe space and find new ways forward together.


In a world crowded with messages, our minds often go in circles thinking the same kind of thoughts over and over again. To see a different perspective and think new thoughts we need to give the mind a complete rest in between. In silent reflection, we digest impressions, let insights sink in and we prepare ourselves to learn something new.


We often listen while simultaneously interpreting, drawing conclusions and having our own interests running in the background. However, to listen with only a sincere intention to grasp what the other is trying to express is a very different experience. It is a level of listening that can open up for the dialogue and build bridges of new understanding.


Dialogue is about building our understanding of something, together with others, without the pressure to make decisions or be “right.” We inquire a subject, rather than advocate for certain ideas. A dialogue begins when we listen from a space of silence that can welcome what the other has to offer. In dialogue, we co-create meaning, we act in common to be able to create something new between us, something of great significance that can – as David Bohm affirms – bring to an end the current difficult problems of the individual and society.