As we continue to explore our current theme, 'Towards a Loving World, Leadership and Governance for Well-Being', we are delighted to offer a new chance to participate in workshops held at the 5th SoH Forum in June as well as new additions. First in line is Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa), aka Don Trent Jacobs.

Worldview Reflection as a True Dichotomy and Complementary Thinking Task in Behalf of Human Survival

Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D., is author of numerous books, peer-reviewed articles and chapters on applications of Indigenous Worldview as a proven solution to our existential world problems. Former Director of Education at Oglala, Lakota College and currently a professor of education for change at Fielding Graduate University, his academic work, spiritual life and social/ecological justice activism have received international recognition, including a book on his work by Dr. Michael Fisher entitled Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows.

Wednesday 20th October at 15.00 GMT
The workshop will be held over Zoom and is offered free of charge as per the ethos of the Spirit of Humanity Forum 
Register HERE   A Zoom-link will be sent to registered participants on 19th October

New book

Restoring the Kinship Worldview   

by Four Arrows and  Darcia Narvaes  

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Four Arrows

Loving the world must begin with loving all life forms fearlessly