Eyþór Guðjónsson 
Entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience running his own businesses. His focus has mainly been on the recreation and tourism industries. Eyþór has actively been supporting the growth of those industries in Iceland and abroad via his commitments as board member of an IAAPA, International Association of Amusement Parks and Amusement, Committee and a Board member of the Health and Spa Travel bureau of Iceland. He is the founder and owner of the Entertainment park Skemmtigarðurinn as well as the travel agency Incentive Travel. Eythor has also tapped his toe onto acting and played a leading role in the blockbuster Hollywood movie Hostel, produced by Quentin Tarantino. Eythor’s newest project is the opening of an ocean front Geothermal Lagoon in the Great Reykjavik area.
My motivation for being part of the SoH Forum is to serve and help like minded people and change leaders to meet, bond, influence each other and build up a global platform to lead us into a spiritual pathway. This is the best time ever to make a change. Through technology and new global platforms, the message will reach the ones needed. We humans are one, just like scientist are discovering the oneness of trees and flowers, scientist will soon proof the connectedness of humans. So – if you have a vision, never ever give up ! You are a part of a big and beautiful puzzle that will come together sooner than you think.