Dina Schoman

Dina Shoman

Dina Shoman is a Jordanian banking veteran, now founder of inherQuests in New York. She is passionate about financial literacy specifically for kids, youth, girls, and women.

The opportunity to be with like-minded people who are open to share their stories and have a conversation about values and harmony is important, especially in a world that seems to have forgotten what those mean. My story revolves around sticking to values, and over the years I have found my inner harmony and always strive to reflect it in everything I do and within the people who surround me.

The world is so fast-paced, and emphasis has been mostly on winning, making money, and surrounding one’s self with those similar to us. There is a lack of patience, a lack of slowing down, and a lack of effort in fixing ourselves form within to apply it externally as well. It is very important to have this conversation today, even more than ever.

Very timely and much needed. Being mindful, having inner peace, so one can also better see and appreciate difference is important. We need tolerance and to learn how to exist in a world where everyone is different than us, one way or another.