Calm and confident – universal leadership qualities

The wisdom of dogs
Some basic needs apply to all living things. Dog expert Cesar Millan emphasises that peace and security are the keys to developing a good relationship with all animals. He says: “When I enter people’s homes (to get to know a new dog), I always behave very quietly, very calmly because calm builds trust. Then I ask the dog to stay away because it creates respect. I prioritise trust and respect. After that, I express affection. People often interpret this as if I am not very loving because most of my clients like to greet dogs by going directly into their intimate room and expressing affection, but it does not create trust and respect.

Animals read our energy
Cesar says that animals react to the energy we send out and that the energy never lies. Peace and security signal stability and stability is essential energy in the animal world. Dogs like to follow a calm and stable leader. We have the same need. The same applies to us humans. We expect our leaders to be calm and secure. If a dramatic situation occurs, we are more likely to follow the one who remains calm, even if it is not the formal leader.

A basic inner need
It is just as much an inner need to feel calm and secure in life. Although much around us can trigger fear, insecurity and disturb us, our reactions come from within ourselves. We also develop calmness and stability within ourselves. It is about recognising and taking care of our basic needs and seeing the difference between real needs and momentary impulses and desires.

Spirituality in practice
We are all different, with different backgrounds, different strengths and different hurts. We all need to start from our own unique situations. Although we may need to take help from all sorts of sources, it is the inner honest inquiry which is my help me find my way. This is what a spiritual path is all about, getting to know oneself profoundly and learning to take care of one’s real needs. To be in touch with our inner reality will create inner stability. If we keep this desire as our guiding star, doors will open along our paths. When a desire is pure, it attracts help, and we can learn from many sources. The animal kingdom is a clear mirror.

By Lotta Arbman, Secretary of the Spirit of Humanity Forum

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